Somewhere around my 16/17 years old, I had my first contact with what was called at the time a RAT which could do all the fun stuff: open CDROMs, turn monitors off, reboot computers, etc. Since the security those days wasn’t seen as it is today, most of the my school’s computers ran unprotected and we could install that RAT on any machine. Yes, we had a blast 😆!

At that time, I developed interest on the new kid in the block, Linux. I spent some time installing it on my main computer, tinkering with it, and ultimately, making it my day to day OS since it was the most fun (and didn’t had BSODs).

With Linux came the curiosity of installing servers, running public services on the www like email and web servers. This is how I got into my SysAdmin career. I always loved trying and testing new stuff, using it for myself and keeping my data with me. Of course, sometimes this didn’t go so well, but hey, most people learn the hard way, I’m no different.

Conscious that I needed to have my data secured, I always tried to do my best to secure the services I ran on the Internet, reading how to harden and secure them against those “hackers”. I also began to understand that to actually know what could happen to my online services, I would need to be think as a Hacker and so I began studding and reading all the techniques and how “do they do it”. This was how I got my biggest interest of them all: InfoSec.

Today…. I’m just a newb trying to do some CTF challenges online 😉


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