Hugo & Matomo

In the process of getting this blog up and running, I stumbled on the need of have it integrated with Matomo to have statistics and visitor count from the site. Now, Hugo does have integration with a bunch of analytics sites, including Google Analytics, but I’m more fond of running my own thing and try to not give Google that many information. The thing is, Hugo lacks Matomo support builtin, so, I started googling and found this theme component by Florian Grässle: https://github....

2021-05-16 · 2 min · r3pek

My 1st post

The beginning of something created from the will of writing some WriteUps on some of the CTF challenges I solve, to either teach something new to those who want to learn, or just to get my ass kicked by those who know more than me :wink: (Yes, I do have one of those) return 0;

2021-05-10 · 1 min · r3pek